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Freshman Index Requirements

In addition to meeting high school curriculum and GPA requirements and SAT/ACT score requirements, students applying to a USG university or college requiring SAT/ACT must meet a minimum Freshman Index (FI). The Board of Regents sets the minimum FI requirements for the different sectors, or types, of USG institutions. As with the test scores, the Board of Regents sets the minimum requirements and the colleges and universities may set requirements that are higher that those minimums.

The minimum FI required for admission to a:
Research University is 2500;

Comprehensive University is 2040;

State University is 1940; and,

State College Requiring SAT/ACT is 1830

FI calculated using SAT scores
500 x (HSGPA) + SAT Verbal/Critical Reading + SAT I Math (or)

FI Calculated using ACT scores
500 x (HSGPA) + (ACT Composite x 42) + 88

Prospective students are encouraged to check with the admission office of their college or university of interest to learn if there are any institution-specific admission requirements.