Shared Services Center

Strategy and Fiscal Affairs


  • Transfer Processing

    The Shared Services Center will be facilitating and processing inter-institutional transfers (moving from one USG institution to another). The SSC will need information from both the current institution (Institution A) and new institution (Institution B) to ensure the transfer is processed correctly and the employee’s pay and/or benefits are not affected.

    • Employee Transfer Form – COMING SOON!
    • Transfer Personnel Action Request Form - COMING SOON!
    • Employee Transfer Instructions – COMING SOON!

    The Employee Transfer Form contains confidential information. Once complete, please load the form to the secure Shared Services Center FTP site. In addition, please email the Shared Services Center at and advise the Employee Transfer Form is ready for review. Include the following information in the email:

    • Employee Name
    • Employee ID
    • Institution A (current institution, transferring from)
    • Institution B (new institution, transferring to)
    • Effective Date of Transfer
    • Location of Employee Transfer Form on the SSC STP site
  • Dual Appointment

    The Shared Services Center can assist with questions regarding the Dual Appointment process. With OneUSG Connect, there are new data entry processes and instructions for Dual Appointment to better track and report on these engagements. Please reference these resources for more information.