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Service Excellence

Outstanding Service Excellence Student Improvement Process Initiative Award

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Nominee Information

Photos of the Nominee

We encourage the submission of photos at the time of the nomination entry. Photos will be required if your nominee is selected for an award category.

Nominee’s Supervisor Information

Nomination Description

Please review Writing Award Winning Nominations to give you additional information for your nomination submission.

Tell us about your nominee’s outstanding customer service accomplishments. Please include information relating to the customer service attributes listed. The information you provide will be used by the Review Committee to determine the recipient of this award. Please limit the length of your nomination to 1-3 pages of text (up to 5 pages including supplemental materials).

Describe how this nominee's actions/accomplishments go above and beyond normal job duties.

  • Describe how the nominee has taken on additional responsibilities, making improvements in the way service is delivered, or giving personal time and resources to serve customers.
  • Include specific examples, how success was measured (baseline measures and current performance measures that demonstrate improvement), results of service, and the time frame when service was provided. Be sure to address all criteria for the specific award category.
  • New criteria this Year! Please include the nominee's internal customer service performance that resulted in improved employee satisfaction for other state employees and/or facilitated their internal customers' ability to provide improved service to their own customers.
  • Awards or honors already given for this effort
  • You may include an additional document that supports the nomination.
  • Include endorsements from leaders or customers that share specific actions and their benefits, job performance measurements or survey results showing high performance and/or improvement over specific periods of time.

NOTE: Nomination is limited to one (1) PDF. The file should include nomination text and all supporting material.

Nominator’s Information