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Research and Policy Analysis

Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Instructors, and Other Instructional Personnel

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This report categorizes those teaching courses in USG institutions in Fall 2000 into three groups: 1) full-time faculty (FT), i. e, the corps of instruction; 2) part-time instructors (PT), including graduate teaching assistants; and 3) other instructional personnel (Other), full-time employees who are not in the corps of instruction, but who taught in Fall 2000, and a small number of instructors who are not employed by USG institutions (for example, those employed at a private institution, but teaching in Fall 2000 at a USG institution). The corps of instruction was further restricted to those who were teaching at the same institution at which they were employed; thus some faculty teaching via distance education were counted as “other” at the institution where they taught in Fall.

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