Organizational Effectiveness

Administration Division

Implementing Procedures

In accordance with Board of Regents Policy 12.9 Programs Serving Minors, each institution is required to establish procedures to implement the requirements of this policy. As directed in the policy, institution presidents shall submit a copy of their institutional procedures as directed by January 1, 2017. The institutional procedures should be sent to John Fuchko, Vice Chancellor for Organizational Effectiveness.

Institutions will maintain the flexibility to tailor their procedures to best suit the needs of their campuses. While the new BOR policy directly addresses prescreening and training, institutions should use this opportunity to incorporate best practices in all areas. Accordingly, each campus should include the following threshold requirements in their procedures:

  1. Code of Conduct: Each institution should develop a Code of Conduct for program staff and volunteers that addresses appropriate behavior and prohibited conduct when interacting with minors. This code should include the general prohibition against being alone with minors.
  2. Program Registration: Each institution should maintain a registry of authorized programs.
  3. Program Requirements: Prior to being authorized, programs must have properly considered the following: Training requirements, Proper screening and background checks of staff and volunteers, Supervision ratios, Safety and security planning, Response protocols for injury, illness, participant misconduct, and staff misconduct, Transportation needs, Housing needs, Participation requirement forms, Licensing requirements of state and federal agencies.
  4. Training: Each institution should develop and maintain a training program that addresses mandatory reporting requirements, responsibilities and expectations, relevant institutional policies, safety and security procedures, and Staff Code of Conduct.
  5. Screening & Background Investigations: Institutions should conduct background investigations and appropriate screening of all staff and volunteers working in programs for non-student minors in accordance with the USG Human Resources Administrative Practice Manual. Personnel in charge of screening volunteers should be aware of the inherent limitations of background checks and should seek to utilize other screening methods, when possible, to include in-person interviews and reference checks.
  6. Facility Use Agreement / License Agreement: Institutions licensing, leasing, or allowing the use of institutional facilities by non-USG entities for programs serving non-student minors must include language in a binding written agreement requiring the non-USG entity to comply with institutional policies on background checks, training and minimum insurance requirements. In accordance with Board of Regents Policy, the form used for such agreements must be USG-approved.
For questions regarding the implementing procedures, please contact Kenyatta Johnson, Executive Director of Enterprise Risk Management, or Wesley Horne, Director of Ethics & Compliance,