Human Capital Management Software Application

OneUSG is a systemwide initiative to develop and implement streamlined policies, procedures and technology solutions that benefit all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.

The first priority for OneUSG is Human Capital Management (HCM). The OneUSG HCM Initiative aims to bring all institutions currently supported by ADP, as well as all research institutions, onto one HCM platform.

HCM software refers to applications that are intended to help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Instead of having individual payroll software, time-sheet software, productivity analytics software, etc., HCM software integrates all of those functions into one platform.

OneUSG HCM Implementation Schedule

This implementation timeline is still in progress. Please check back for updates.

Development Progress

  • Business Process and Org Design Review

    Documentation and review of OneUSG HCM business process flows, along with itemized tasks, responsibilities and integration between modules.

  • Training Job Aids

    User documentation for Employee and Manager Self-Service.

  • System Test Conditions

    Conditions tested by project team to prepare system for use and ensure quality within application.

  • Security Permission Lists

    Custom security permissions needed in order to support business process design roles and responsibilities.

  • Business Procedures

    Required revisions to the Business Procedures Manual (BPM) that have been submitted to Fiscal Affairs.

  • Issues Impacting Pilot Policies

    Required changes to Board Policy or the Human Resources Administrative Practices (HRAP) manual.

  • Report Development

    The design and development of custom queries and reports to support business processes.

  • Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancement Development

    Custom development work and modifications made to PeopleSoft HCM.