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Update Posted January 27, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal: ‘The State of our State is Excellent and it is a Great Day in Georgia.’

The early rays of recovery are cresting the skyline. I believe the warm sunshine of prosperity is once again shining on Georgia.

[An] important element of job growth is the availability of a trained and reliable workforce. … In order to fill the needs of a growing economy, we need more of our citizens to acquire education and skills beyond high school.

In accordance with our trend of putting our education where our economy is, I am happy to announce the creation of the Governor’s High Demand Career Initiative. We will bring together the heads of Economic Development, the University System of Georgia, our technical colleges and schools, along with key leaders in some of our important private-sector industries. This initiative will allow us to hear directly from the employers of our state about what they expect their future needs will be, and it will give our institutions of education the chance to get ahead of the curve in preparing tomorrow’s workforce.

Since FY 2012, nearly 50 cents of every dollar of new revenues has been dedicated to education. In the budget I am sending you for FY 2015 almost 82 percent of new revenue receipts are dedicated to education, with 68 percent of those new revenues going to k-12 alone.

We are fortunate … that our colleges and universities, both public and private, provide excellent graduates … [and] that our technical college system and its quick start program are regarded as the best in the country and. Even so, we have applied the same scrutiny to these institutions that hard times dictate. We have asked them to examine themselves through the prism of the work readiness of their graduates.

… I am asking you to create a new Zell Miller HOPE Grant for students in our technical college system. This grant will cover 100 percent of tuition for those who maintain a 3.5 grade point average.

In addition, my budget will include $10M for a 1 percent interest loan program devoted solely to students attending our technical colleges. This will allow students who have a financial need to cover the funding gap in tuition, books and fees.

…My approach as governor has been to do in the hard times, what is almost impossible for government to do in the good times; that is, make state government programs leaner and more efficient and concentrate scarce resources on those areas that will produce the best and most long lasting results.

Posted by Sonja Roberts
Published in: Governance

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