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Center for Leadership Excellence

Sponsorship Opportunities

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This September we are preparing for our fourth launch of the Executive Leadership Institute, the flagship University System-wide leadership program developed in 2009 to sustain leadership excellence. We are also debuting the Accelerated Leadership Academy this year. This new program provides the next level of structured and continuous executive leadership. We invite you become a sponsor for these crucial programs. The participants are executive director-level faculty and staff identified by institution presidents as high- potential employees positioned to move into leadership roles. These programs are highly visible within the University System and provide many opportunities to prominently display your organization’s brand. Identifying, developing, and supporting high-potential employees within the University System is a key to attracting and retaining the best talent the state, the nation, and the world have to offer. Help support the growth of the USG executive leaders – your potential and ultimate clients!

All sponsorship levels include:

  • Logo listed in the Scholar orientation package
  • Logo on signage at the host hotel
  • Logo included in the awards luncheon program
  • Logo displayed on PowerPoint during learning forum breaks



Website Sponsorship

Your company will be featured on the Center for Leadership Excellence web page with a link to your company’s website.

President’s Panel (Two Opportunities)

At the ELI President’s Panel Dinner, presidents from several institutions discuss their experiences, leadership challenges and their rise to institutional presidency positions. This is one of our most popular activities and is highly valued by the scholars. Two staff members from the sponsoring organization are invited to join the ELI team for dinner.

ALA Anticipatory Thinking Event

This three-hour session will focus on the value of anticipatory thinking as a way to achieve a preferred future. Attendees will join interactive discussions on the shape of things to come and future trends as they relate to higher education. This is an exploration of what is probable, possible and preferred.

GOLD LEVEL - $7,500

Orientation Luncheon

You and a colleague will mingle with the current and future leaders of the University System at the kickoff luncheon. Get to know ALA and ELI participants, their managers, senior executives, institution presidents, and the Chancellor.

Awards Luncheon

Celebrate and recognize scholar’s achievements with ALA and ELI participants, their managers, senior executives, institution presidents and the Chancellor. You and a colleague will mingle with the current and future leaders of the University System at the awards luncheon. In 2012, close to 200 high-level leaders from across the University System attended this celebration.

Networking Reception

This reception is a great opportunity for ALA participants to meet and network with key leaders from the University System Office. The reception will be held at the Historic Academy of Medicine at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

ALA Learning Forums (Four Opportunities)

A banner or sign announcing your sponsorship will be displayed in a prominent position at each learning forum site. Site locations will be the Georgia State Buckhead Center and the Historic Academy of Medicine at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Leading Innovation

This fast-paced, highly interactive session will focus on best practices of innovation and how higher education leaders can build a culture of innovation. The participants will learn how to apply key innovation principles, processes and tools at their college or university.

Leading Change

This hands-on session will cover the best practices of change management. The participants will learn how to effectively lead and implement change during the innovation process.

Design Thinking & Driving Innovation

This high-impact session will focus on Design Thinking methodology for innovation. The award- winning Design Thinker program is an expert-guided innovation simulation that reveals the fundamentals of award winning IDEO’s Design Thinking approach.

Systems Thinking & Driving Results

This session is designed as a “putting the pieces” together opportunity. Deep discussions on what leaders need to do to build a culture of innovation that embraces change and inspires others to take calculated risks that can improve enterprise-wide systems.


Board of Regents Executive Forum

The ALA Scholars will present an overview of their Strategic Innovation Projects to the program faculty, their program classmates and executives from the Board of Regents Office. After the project presentations, the group will talk about their ideas for how to continually build a culture of innovation in higher education.

Program Books

Teaching and learning requires books. ELI facilitators would like to identify several books that enhance the ELI experience, and allow scholars their choice of two. Corporate sponsorship of the books would include a sticker, business card or other marketing material with your company’s name inserted into the book prior to distribution.

Sponsor Today!

Contact Dr. Tina Woodard at the System Office (404) 962-3237 or