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Center for Leadership Excellence

Alumni Development

Print friendly Modified April 15, 2013

Opportunities for ELI graduates to grow are abundant. Scholars are surveyed to assess interests and identify specific needs based on the competency model. The goals are simple: 1) provide continual networking opportunities; 2) allow for continued professional growth and development.

Our alumni scholars now total 189 members from three Executive Leadership Institute classes concluding in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Leadership development is a continual process. Once scholars complete the Executive Leadership Institute, they have opportunities to continue their professional growth and development through an array of alumni development experiences.

Currently an Alumni Development Team, consisting of 18 alumni, work diligently to bring the following activities to the alumni:

  • Quarterly leadership development courses.
  • Opportunity to mentor a future ELI Scholar.
  • ELI Alumni Facebook group to stay connected with colleagues.
  • Announcements through the ELI alumni distribution list.
  • Alumni liaisons to the ELI Steering Committee.

For more information, please call 404-962-3244 or email us at