Center for Leadership Excellence

Encouraging and supporting leadership development throughout the University System

Application Instructions

The deadline has passed for applications to the 2013-2014 ALA program. Thank you for your interest.

Step 1: Complete the all portions of the USG Accelerated Leadership Academy application.

A. Complete the ALA Candidate Profile.

Please ensure you complete all requested information; incomplete profiles will not be considered.

B. Complete all of the Program Assessments (a link to the assessment will be emailed to you after your application is submitted)

A summary of certain sections of the assessment may be shared with your institution president.

C. Schedule your assessment review coaching session.

Your assigned coach will contact you to schedule your session.

You cannot begin the application and save it – If you exit the application before submitting it, all data will be lost and you will need to begin again. We suggest collecting your thoughts in MS Word and then copying into this form.

Upon submitting your application you will receive an automatic confirmation with a confirmation number – PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THIS NUMBER AT THIS TIME. You will also receive a confirmation email (this email will not include your confirmation number).

Step 3: Record your confirmation number. This is the only place it will appear.

Step 4: Candidate’s application package is submitted to her or his USG institution president.

Candidates may be contacted to participate in an interview.

Step 5: USG presidents submit ALA nominees to the USO Office of Human Resources Organizational Development.

Nominations are screened for eligibility.

Step 6: Candidates will receive a notification from the USO Office of Human Resources Organizational Development.

NOTE: You will receive a notification on the status of your application by August 30, 2013.