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Information Security and ePrivacy


Print friendly Modified September 20, 2012

Standards contain the following information:

  • Define minimum requirements designed to address certain risks
  • Define specific requirements that ensure compliance with policies
  • Provide a basis for verifying compliance through audits
  • Outline implementation and enforcements plans
  • Balance protection with productivity
Standard Status Approval Date
USG Institution and USO Information Security Plan Reporting Standard (ISPR-STD) Approved October 2008
USG Incident Response and Reporting Standard Approved November 2008
USG Password Security Standard Approved December 2008
USG Strong Password Standard Approved December 2008
Appropriate Use Policy Signoff Approved January 2009
USG AUP Interpretation and Administration Guideline BOR Approved January 2009
Minimum Security Standards for USG USO Networked Devices Approved January 2009
Copyright Violation Guideline v1 Approved January 2009
Risk Management Standard BOR Approved February 2009
USG Red Flags Rules Guide and Template Approved January 2011
Security Awareness, Training and Education Standard BOR Approved January 2010
USO Computer and Network Users Guide Approved January 2010
PCI-PA-DSS Guideline (Comply-by-July) Approved June 2010
Guidelines for Securing Mobile Computing Devices Approved May 2011
USG Identity Theft Prevention Standard Approved June 2011