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Information Security and ePrivacy


Print friendly Modified April 3, 2013
Policy Status Approval Date
USG Web Site Privacy Policy BOR Approved August 2015
Exemption from an ITS/IS Policy or Standard Approved August 2015
USG: Health Information - HIPAA Privacy and Security Policy Statement Approved February 2005
USG Password Authentication Policy Approved December 2008
USG Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) BOR Approved January 2009
Risk Management Policy (RM) BOR Approved February 2009
USG Continuity of Operations Plan Policy (C.O.O.P.) BOR Approved May 2009
USG Data Handling and Storage Policy and Standard Approved May 2009
USG Computer Security Incident Management Policy (IR) Approved July 2009
USG Use of Encryption Policy Approved July 2009
Security Awareness Program Policy BOR Approved January 2010
Electronic Data Disposal Approved April 2010