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Information Security and ePrivacy

Electronic Mail Privacy Statement

Print friendly Modified January 13, 2012

The OIIT cannot guarantee that individual e-mail messages are private or secure. Authorized system administrators and/or network services staff may have access to or be required to examine e-mail messages under the following circumstances:

* In order to support e-mail, system administration personnel routinely monitor e-mail delivery. Undeliverable e-mail, because of incorrect addressing and/or unknown users, may be returned to the system postmaster for delivery resolution. To determine why the message was not delivered, the system postmaster must, at a minimum, read the header containing crucial information as to whom and where the e-mail was being sent. The text of the message is also open to view.

The system postmaster may attempt to direct mail appropriately; however, there is no guarantee that mail can or will be delivered. If delivery is considered critical, users may want to use the return receipt option in their mailer client software package. This function requires the cooperation of the target mail system and does not work in all cases.

* Networks require monitoring for standard maintenance and problem resolution, capacity planning, and product testing. In the course of monitoring, electronic mail messages could be part of information packets moving across the network and could be viewed by personnel performing job-related assignments.

Users themselves can minimize occurrences of undeliverable e-mail by careful addressing. However, hardware and software problems can sometimes direct e-mail to an inadvertent or inappropriate address.

Overall, individuals may want to consider e-mail as an inappropriate vehicle for the transmission of extremely personal and/or confidential information.