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Information Technology Services

By the Numbers

Print friendly Modified March 11, 2015
  • Of the 30 USG institutions served by PeachNet┬«, 28 are connected directly to the PeachNet┬« fiber backbone consisting of more than 2,800 miles of fiber optic cable in and around Georgia.

  • From January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014, ITS received and began the customer support experience by processing 20,902 Helpdesk support requests and notifications.

  • In 2014, Software Resource and Services (SRS) offered 1,950 products available for purchase, fulfilled more than 10,577 orders for approx. $9.1 million, and had more than 1,378,513 page visits with 632,756 unique visitors to the SRS site.

  • During 2014, the GeorgiaVIEW service that supports USG academic learning experiences both on and off campus, hosted 110,631 courses and 306,611 users in D2L Brightspace.

  • Since 2013-14 school year, Best Practices trained 8,707 teachers who were also enrolled in GeorgiaVIEW courses. This school year (2014-15), 7,564 teachers were enrolled in GeorgiaVIEW courses.

  • In 2014, 220 GeorgiaVIEW Administrators from 30 USG institutions, collaborative programs, and other educational entities completed D2L Administrator training.

  • Georgia ONmyLINE provides a centralized website for current and prospective students to search for online education opportunities offered by USG institutions. In spring 2015, the Georgia ONmyLINE website included more than 364 online programs, up 57 from the previous year, and 5,019 online courses.

  • The INGRESS (Intra-Georgia Registration Sharing System) is a custom tool that allows students to easily enroll in courses shared among institutions. As of spring 2015, 27 institutions will use the INGRESS tool for multi-institution registration.

  • Banner runs asynchronously at 30 USG institutions and delivers self-service functionality to a combined 312,000 students.