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Information Technology Services Passport

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    The G2I portal provides information seekers with a system that promotes accessibility, consistency and usefulness.

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    Georgia ONmyLINE provides access to a full array of online and distance education offerings from the 30 colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia.

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    The GeorgiaBEST program includes Banner, the student and financial aid information system, that handles data about admissions, registration, transfers, financial aid and HOPE, accounts receivable, transcripts, housing, and other functions.

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    The Georgia FIRST PeopleSoft Financials application model is a fully integrated, Oracle-based technology suite of software applications managing the financial data that meet BOR and USG institutional needs for information used in decision-making.

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    GeorgiaVIEW provides a stable, robust, feature-rich online environment to meet the needs of USG supplemental, hybrid, and fully online courses.

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    GoVIEW (Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide) is the USG's collaborative learning environment used to deliver fully online collaborative course offerings.

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    Information Security & ePrivacy, represents the University System to the federal, state, and local government entities, higher education, private industry, and others on security-related matters.

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    INGRESS (Intra-Georgia Registration Sharing System) is a middleware application which automates the sharing of course registrations across institutions.

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    ITS Customer Services and the Helpdesk provide a single point of contact, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive service requests and log, track, and resolve support requests.

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    PeachNet, USG's statewide network, is the foundation that connects all USG institutions and public libraries and provides efficient, robust access to mission-critical online learning resources, business applications and transactions, and academic research.

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    Software Resource & Services offers the University System of Georgia's faculty, staff and students affordable, brand name software and services for their work or personal computers.

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Working with our customers, ITS is an organization that is agile, creative in problem solving, innovative, flexible and service minded. ITS provides programs and services for University System of Georgia faculty, staff and students as well as University System Office stakeholder sponsors, staff and ITS colleagues.

ITS partners with the USG campuses and leverages them in strategic decision-making processes to make better decisions. These partnerships are helping us all to be better informed.

Our mission is to anticipate and respond effectively with innovative, robust, reliable and secure technological and decision-support services and applications to the USG and its constituent institutions so as to educate and inspire students, empower USG educators and administrators, and advance the state of education in Georgia and the nation.