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GeorgiaVIEW: USG’s Online Classroom

Print friendly Modified January 14, 2016

Providing 24x7 Online Classroom and Support to USG Faculty and Students

The GeorgiaVIEW service is the online learning environment for the public colleges in the state of Georgia, providing interactive learning experiences for the 21st century. The environment supports more than 87,000 classes that are fully and partially online. The service is also used to supplement face-to-face classes. More than 295,000 faculty, staff, and students use the online learning management system, Desire2Learn. The USG is the largest private cloud implementation of Desire2Learn.


Making Higher Education More Accessible

USG institutions offer a wide variety of fully online courses and degrees, making a USG education more accessible to more people including new students or returning students preparing for a new career. Explore USG courses and degrees at Georgia ONmyLINE.

Through the GeorgiaVIEW service, students can access courses online, including interactive components and class content, to achieve their learning objectives. In addition, students can interact with their classmates and instructors through discussions, email, and live (real-time) chat rooms.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Students

Through the GeorgiaVIEW service, students have the ability to

  • Take quizzes and tests online
  • Review their grades online
  • Access course materials
  • Connect with classmates and instructors through interactive tools such as discussions, journals, blogs, chat, and web conferences

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