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Information Technology Services

GeorgiaBEST: Managing USG’s Student Data

Print friendly Modified January 8, 2013
GeorgiaBEST: Managing USG’s Student Data

The GeorgiaBEST program manages the services associated with both the centralized and decentralized SunGard HE Banner Student Information System, as well as additional products to support an integrated enterprise solution. The GeorgiaBEST program supports 31 USG institutions and delivers self-service functionality to a combined 260,000 students each semester including:

  • Online admissions application submission
  • Online registration
  • Online fee payment

Streamlining Campus Processes

The GeorgiaBEST suite of products supports institutional activities from beginning to end — admissions, registration, financial aid, and grade reporting.

  • GeorgiaBEST gives Banner institutions the ability to integrate processes and offer a streamlined approach to student admissions, registration, financial aid, and grade reporting.
  • With a robust change request process, GeorgiaBEST is attentive to the needs of our institutional customers to better enhance and deliver a more productive and efficient product.
  • GeorgiaBEST also offers a comprehensive, on-going, virtual training schedule to help keep campus staff up-to-date on the latest developments within the GeorgiaBEST suite of products.

GeorgiaBEST Strengthens Education

Having access to technical staff members at ITS that specialize in particular areas has proven invaluable to an institution our size that cannot afford to employ a large technical staff of our own. Two areas that stand out to me are OS support and Banner support. This is not to say that we have not received support from other areas, but these two have been “life savers.” Solving Banner problems on a campus is so much easier when ITS has experienced the same problem either in Athens or in conjunction with another campus.

Roger G. Dixon, Chief Information Officer, Macon State College

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