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Administrative Services: USG's Financial, Information and Reporting Systems for Tomorrow

Print friendly Modified January 8, 2013
Administrative Services: USG’s Financial, Information and Reporting Systems for Tomorrow

The Administrative Services team supports, maintains, and delivers cutting-edge technology through centrally managed and process-centric applications to meet the administrative needs of 31 University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. Administrative Services consists of the following three teams that work together successfully and seamlessly to support critical core administrative functions for the USG:

  • PeopleSoft Financial Services – administers the GeorgiaFIRST PeopleSoft Financials Management System which is the model for budgeting, purchasing, paying vendors, managing capital assets, and managing employee reimbursements.
  • Supporting Services – develops and provides comprehensive technical services that support the USG’s application development and reporting requirements.
  • HR Integration Services – supports the integration between the Shared Services Center, ADP, PeopleSoft Financials, Banner, HR Datamart and the USG campuses. This service provides a mechanism to connect the support of all human resources, payroll, and benefit functions and the USG business processes.

Facts and Figures

During FY11 (to date), Administrative Services has supported

  • 25,500 System users at 33 participating USG institutions
  • 225,800 payments generated using the accounts payable module
  • 96,000 general ledger and 41,000 budget journal entries created
  • 36,152 purchase orders generated

Administrative Services: Managing the Business of Higher Education

A core tenet of Administrative Services is to offer excellent service and support to all of our customers. The team consistently receives positive feedback and recognition for the high quality of work and level of service that they provide.

Advantages, Benefits and Pay Offs

The centralized Administrative Services team provides

  • Reduced hardware, licensing, and maintenance costs compared to combined individual institutional contracts costs
  • Integration with the USG Shared Services Center that provides support for payroll, benefits, and other human resources functions via ADP.
  • An automated end-to-end Procure to Pay process with the SciQuest Catalog Management software that unifies the USG as a single-buying consortium, providing dramatic cost savings and process efficiencies.
  • A fast, flexible toolset for in-depth analysis of financials data with the iStrategy Reporting and Analytics software, from summary level to transaction details with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Standard policy interpretation, consistent documentation, uniform business process implementation and training, and timely support.

Administrative Services: Managing the Business of Higher Education

I just wanted to thank and recognize those who worked on the aggregate process (Build Financials) in the Budget Prep module – it is amazing to run a build process in 8 to 10 minutes instead of 4 to 7 hours! This is a great improvement overall—especially now as we move into the big picture of trying to balance the funds overall …Thank you, thank you.

Jan Fackler, Director of Budget Services, Valdosta State University

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