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Information Technology Services

Campus-Focused Services

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Campus-focused Services

Being a college student at one of the University System of Georgia’s (USG) 30 campuses means taking classes and studying. It also means that a lot of behind-the-scenes work has to be done: registering students for classes, entering grades, calculating grade point averages, monitoring degree progress, and scheduling classrooms and laboratories. Students pay tuition and fees, and many apply for and receive financial aid and scholarships. On top of that, some students live in college housing, which requires deposits and rent. And students use the campus bus system, parking lots, library services, bookstore, health center, and recreational facilities.

Those are just some of the administrative functions related to students and classes. And let’s not forget about the professors, graduate assistants, adjunct faculty and all other campus employees that have administrative issues related to pay checks, benefits, taxes, tenure and retirement. Plus, there is essential information, such as enrollment data or retention and graduation rates, that is crucial for campuses and the USG for policy decisions and accountability.

So how do the USG institutions handle the vast amount of administrative tasks and record keeping, provide accurate and complete data for making campus and system-wide decisions, and report to federal, state, funding, regulatory, and accrediting agencies? The campus-focused services, mentioned below, develop, support and maintain administrative software applications and data repositories to help manage and integrate complex information functions across the USG.



The GeorgiaBEST program includes Banner, the student and financial aid information system, that handles data about admissions, registration, transfers, financial aid and HOPE, accounts receivable, transcripts, housing, and other functions.


Administrative Services

The Administrative Services team is responsible for supporting, maintaining, and delivering cutting-edge technology through centrally managed and process-centric applications to meet the administrative needs of University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. Administrative Services successfully and seamlessly supports critical core administrative functions for the USG.


University System of Georgia Information Security and ePrivacy

University System of Georgia Information Security & ePrivacy is the primary USG authority in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of USG information and information systems, and ensuring the protection of USG information. Our department represents the University System to federal, state, and local government entities, higher education, private industry, and others on security-related matters. We are committed to securing the University System’s information assets toward creating a more educated and secure Georgia.



Intra-Georgia Registration Sharing System (INGRESS) is the University System of Georgia multi-institution registration tool. By facilitating the sharing of courses among multiple institutions, INGRESS enables USG institutions to build capacity. INGRESS is unique in that it is the only application of its kind that integrates with both Banner systems and a learning management system to enable multi-institution registration.


Software Resource & Services

Software Resource & Services (SRS) provides the University System of Georgia with a single point of contact for purchasing software products, related services, and information for making informed decisions about software needs. Using leveraged vendor negotiations, SRS provides member institutions with the lowest cost on software products and the best value on service needs. SRS provides services exclusively to the USG’s 30 colleges and universities, Georgia Public Library System, and Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

We offer two stores: an Institutional Store for purchases by staff and faculty, and a Personal Store for all USG students, faculty, and staff to buy software products and services for their personally owned computers. USG members provide continuous feedback to SRS so that we can determine what best advances education in the USG.