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Information Technology Services

Always Connected

Print friendly Modified June 20, 2014

ITS’s goal is to continually extend communication and collaboration tools for USG faculty, students, and administrators. By evaluating and implementing technologies, ITS has identified new opportunities to provide better, more efficient services at a lower cost to USG institutions. For example, the demand for bandwidth continues to rise as USG institutions continually increase their use of technology through online courses, new research connections, web-based tools, and public library services. The Fiber Project is ITS’s solution. With the decline in the telecommunications market, excess commercial fiber became available for long-term use. Since 2002, ITS has acquired more than 2,700 route miles of these fiber assets to connect 30 of the 35 USG institutions, as well as additional sites. By acquiring the fiber directly, ITS can move PeachNet® services away from commercial telecommunications services. The result is additional bandwidth and levels of redundancies that were previously cost prohibitive. In addition to bandwidth provided by the Fiber Project, the USG has implemented Quality of Service (QoS), a means of bandwidth management that identifies categories of network traffic and assigns each category a priority and adequate bandwidth. Categories include voice, interactive video, intra-PeachNet® traffic, and general Internet traffic.



PeachNet®, USG’s statewide network, is the foundation that connects all USG institutions and public libraries and provides efficient, robust access to mission-critical online learning resources, business applications and transactions, and academic research. The network supports communication and collaboration tools for USG students, faculty, and administrators. PeachNet® represents a commitment to the citizens of Georgia to provide and support access to a rich variety of voice, video, and data applications that enhance learning, research, and collaboration on and off campuses.