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Information Technology Services

Always Connected

Print friendly Modified March 4, 2015

ITS’ goal is to continually extend communication and collaboration tools for USG faculty, students and administrators. By evaluating and implementing technologies, ITS has identified new opportunities to provide better and more efficient services at a lower cost to USG institutions. By acquiring fiber directly, ITS’ own PeachNet® services are not part of commercial telecommunications services. The result is virtually unlimited bandwidth and a higher level of service at a cost equal to or less than current costs for commercially-leased lines.



PeachNet® is the USG’s statewide network that connects all USG organizations and supports communication and collaboration tools for students, faculty and administrators. The network provides efficient and robust access to mission-critical online learning resources, business applications and transactions, and academic research. PeachNet® supports access to a rich variety of voice, video and data applications that enhance learning, research and collaboration on and off campuses.