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Information Technology Handbook

Print friendly Version date January 8, 2012

The CIO must establish a process to periodically review current performance and capacity of IT resources, as well as forecast future needs based on workload, storage, and contingency requirements. This process should highlight the adequacy or lack thereof of the resources needed to support the organization.

As a goal, performance and capacity plans should be fully synchronized with the business demand forecasts, such as enrollment growth or a significant change in business process that results in the peak demand for a resource increasing significantly; e.g., an alumni radio/telethon that will tax online access to the donor management system. The IT infrastructure and business demand should be subject to regular reviews to ensure that optimum capacity is achieved at the lowest possible cost.

Trend analysis should be performed that will show imminent performance problems caused by increased business volumes, enabling planning and avoidance of unexpected issues. The CIO should adjust the planning for performance and capacity following analysis of these measures.

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