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Workweek and Overtime

Citation Reference  
Official Title Policy on Workweek and Overtime
Abbreviated Title Workweek and Overtime
Volume Human Resources
Responsible Office Human Resources
Originally issued
Revised January 2008

Policy Statement

Institutions of the University System of Georgia shall establish a standard workweek of forty (40) hours and abide by the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The distribution of hours throughout the week shall be a matter of scheduling left to the individual institution. This policy applies to all employees including public safety officers.

Overtime work shall be authorized for employees who are not exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act only when the work is deemed necessary by the departmental supervisor authorized to make such decisions. Payment for overtime work will be made in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. In lieu of payment for approved overtime work, compensatory time may be granted at the rate of one and one-half hours of compensatory time for each hour of overtime worked. Approved compensatory time is subject to a maximum accumulation of sixty (60) hours and must be expended by the end of the succeeding calendar quarter.

Reason for Policy

This policy ensures consistency among institutions of the University System as necessary, ensures compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, and affords the appropriate level of flexibility needed at the institutional level.

Entities Affected By This Policy

All units of the University System of Georgia are covered by this policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

All Human Resources personnel and employees within the University System of Georgia should be aware of this policy.


Contact Phone Email/URL
Office of Human Resources 404-962-3235
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers See University System HR Officer Listing at

Website Address for This Policy


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These definitions apply to these terms as they are used in this policy:

  • Overtime: time worked by a non-exempt employee above the normal forty (40) hour work week.

  • Workweek: A seven (7) day period that begins at 12:01 a.m. on day one (1) and ends at 12 midnight on day seven (7), in which the required working hours for full-time employees equal forty (40) hours, with distribution of such hours during the workweek a matter of scheduling left to the individual institutions.


The University System of Georgia has established a policy to allow for consistency among institutions regarding work schedules and overtime.


Each institution shall establish procedures to implement this policy.


The responsibilities each party has in connection with this policy are:

Party Responsibility
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, USG Maintain and revise workweek and overtime policy as appropriate.
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers Each institution shall establish and maintain an adequate procedure for implementing this policy, including designation of an official institutional workweek.





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