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USG offers vision coverage through EyeMed, whose provider network includes top national retail chains. Vision benefits are provided for the following services and supplies once per 12-month period.

EyeMed in-network EyeMed out-of-network reimbursement
Exam $10 copay $40
Single vision lens $25 copay $40
Frames contribution $150 allowance $58
Contact lenses $150 allowance $130
Medically necessary contact lenses Paid in full $210
Vision monthly premiums
EyeMed Vision
Employee Only $6.38
Employee + Child(ren) $12.14
Employee + Spouse $14.38
Family $18.84
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Find an in-network provider
You’ll receive greater benefits when you use in-network providers and retailers. Learn more at or call 1-866-800-5457.

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Get details about vision benefits in the 2016 Comparison Guide.