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Retiree Benefits

Print friendly Modified August 26, 2015
Your Coverage Options

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2016 Retiree Healthcare Exchange

As a USG retiree, several aspects of your benefits are different from those of current USG employees.

Healthcare plans

As a USG retiree, you may change your healthcare plan during open enrollment. If you do not want to change your healthcare plan, your current plan will remain in effect for 2015 if you take no action during the open enrollment period this fall.

Important Note: You must certify your tobacco use for 2015. The tobacco use surcharge has increased to $75 per month per tobacco user age 18 + covered by your USG healthcare plan.

Due to the Affordable Care Act, during the 2015 Open Enrollment period, retirees may enroll dependents age 19-25 in their USG healthcare plan coverage up through the end of the month in which the dependent turns 26. This Open Enrollment will be the last opportunity to do add these dependents unless you experience a qualified change in family status.

Two of the USG healthcare plans will have new names for 2015:

  • Comprehensive Care plan (formerly the Open Access POS plan)
  • Consumer Choice HSA plan (formerly the HSA Open Access POS plan)

Medicare Part B Enrollment

  • All Medicare-eligible retirees without Medicare Part B must enroll in Medicare Part B during the Medicare General Enrollment period: January 1 – March 31, 2015
  • USG will pay the late enrollment penalty for Medicare eligible retirees who did not enroll when they first became eligible for Medicare Part B
  • USG will contact retirees who are currently not enrolled in Medicare Part B during the month of December to assist with enrollment in Medicare Part B during the General Enrollment Period.
  • Effective July 1, 2015 USG healthcare plans will only provide secondary coverage to Medicare eligible retirees

Important Note

  • You may receive notification from Social Security concerning your late enrollment penalty after enrolling in Medicare Part B during the General Enrollment Period. If you received notification from Social Security about your Medicare Part B premium and late enrollment penalty, do not be alarmed. This is standard practice for Social Security. You will be receiving a subsequent notice advising that USG will be paying your late enrollment penalty.
    USG Medicare Retiree Penalty Notification

For Medicare eligible retirees enrolled in the Kaiser Senior Advantage plan, please review the 2015 Kaiser Sr. Advantage Summary for details regarding your benefits.

NEW ID Cards for 2015

You will receive a new healthcare ID card for 2015. If you are not Medicare eligible, you will have only one card for healthcare and pharmacy.

Sample ID Card
BlueCross BluesShield ID card front and back example

If you are Medicare eligible, you will receive two ID cards, one for healthcare and one for pharmacy.

Sample ID Card
SilveScript ID card example.

For a complete list of healthcare plan and premium changes for 2015, review the 2015 Comparison Guide.

Pharmacy Benefits

NEW! CVS/caremark

For 2015, CVS Caremark will be the pharmacy benefit provider for retirees enrolled in USG healthcare plans (except Kaiser Permanente). SilverScript (subsidiary of CVS/caremark) will manage pharmacy benefits for Medicare eligible retirees.

Medicare Part D - SilverScript

  • You will receive information from SilverScript notifying you of automatic enrollment in the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and of your opportunity to “opt out”
  • If you choose to continue your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, no action is needed from you
  • If you choose to “opt out” of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, you can no longer remain in the Comprehensive Care healthcare plan and will need to enroll in the Consumer Choice HSA healthcare plan

If you are a pre-65 retiree and would like more information about your prescription benefits for 2015, review our Pharmacy Benefits page.

If you are a Medicare eligible retiree and would like more information on your 2015 Medicare Part D prescription benefits with SilverScript, please visit the USG SilverScript microsite.

Life Insurance
There are no changes to your life insurance premiums in 2015.

Vision Insurance
There are no changes to your vision plan design or premiums in 2015.

Dental Insurance
During open enrollment, you may change your dental plan between the two USG plans offered, High and Base plans. There will be a slight increase in your dental premiums for 2015. Review your plans choices and premiums in the 2015 Comparison Guide. For more dental plan details, go to our dental page.