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Reasons to Choose an HSA

Print friendly Modified January 8, 2014
Your Coverage Options
  1. It’s flexible. Choose to see any doctor you want — just remember that your costs will be higher if you see an out-of-network doctor.
  2. It’s a triple tax-advantaged savings account.

    • Any amount you contribute lowers your taxable income.
    • Interest you earn on your savings is not taxed.
    • You don’t pay taxes when you spend your money on eligible health expenses.
  3. It’s all yours. You get to keep the money you don’t spend. Whatever money you don’t spend this year from your HSA remains in the account and continues to grow. It’s yours to spend in future years for eligible healthcare expenses. And, you can take it with you if you seek other employment.

  4. It gives you peace of mind. You can save money without feeling the pain. Here’s a great tip: Put the money you’re spending today on higher payroll deductions for healthcare coverage into your HSA. You won’t miss the money and now it will grow!