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Human Resources

Get Ready to Enroll

Print friendly Modified October 10, 2014
Your Coverage Options

The USG recently unveiled a bold strategy to help our institutions prepare for the further and work together more efficiently. One way we’ll do that is through our new approach to employee benefits. We continue to update benefit plans to offer the best combination of features and value. Your needs change, too — so, it’s a good idea to review your benefit options for 2015.

Get Started on Open Enrollment 2015 Now!

  • We know enrollment may feel like an overwhelming item on your to-do list, but we’ve got the information you need to make your enrollment successful.
  • Look at the changes made to our benefits this year.
  • Make sure you look through the Benefits Summary to be aware of all of the updated Open Enrollment information.
  • If you find after looking through the changes for 2015 that you are content with the coverage you had in 2014, you do not have to do anything or make any changes but you must certify the tobacco status of you and each covered dependent age 18+.
  • Enroll in your benefits.