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Blue Cross Blue Shield - Open Access POS Plan

Print friendly Modified October 9, 2014

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Open Access POS Plan

Express Scripts Pharmacy Updates: What you should know for 2014

Beginning January 1st, the preferred drug list will be updated to reflect all medications covered by the plan. Every year the drug lists are reviewed and compared to ensure they include proven medications to treat every condition. Some medications may no longer be included if there are effective alternative options available.

You will be contacted if you are directly affected by these changes. It is important that you review the drug list to ensure your medications are covered. If your medication has been excluded from the updated drug list, you will pay the full retail price for the prescribed medication.

For more information regarding covered medications for 2014, please see the updated drug list and FAQs:

National Preferred Formulary Education

National Preferred Formulary Education

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Select Home Delivery (SHD) - Active Choice
In 2014, you must make a decision to receive your medications through the home pharmacy delivery services with Express Scripts. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional communications from Express Scripts about the benefits of home delivery. Home Delivery will allow you the opportunity to take advantage of savings averaging up to 29% of retail costs for generic prescriptions and maintenance medications.

If you have any other questions about your prescription benefit, or to move your prescriptions to home delivery contact Express Scripts customer service number at 1-877-603-1032.

Benefits of Home Delivery

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Home Delivery

Be ready for Open Enrollment.

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Medication Pricing Tool
For your convenience, Express Scripts gives you the option to price your medications. The medication pricing tool allows members to review their medications and view plan coverage and cost. For cost comparison purposes, home delivery and retail pharmacy medication costs are provided along with the generic equivalent, if available. In order to use this tool you must register as a member on Express Scripts website at Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-603-1032 for any questions you may have.