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Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

Nursing Education Task Force

Print friendly Modified May 13, 2014


The Nursing Education Task Force conducts the work through four subgroups:

The Faculty Subgroup is identifying and addressing the recruitment and retention of sufficient numbers of high quality faculty. Faculty vacancies are a major factor in USG institutions’ inability to admit more students. Significant contributing factors are salaries substantially lower than clinical positions with the same education and experience, aging and lack of diversity in demographics, and lack of doctoral preparation.

The Student Subgroup is targeting two major areas impacting production of nurse graduates in Georgia: admission of students better prepared to succeed in nursing and support for programming and support systems for students identified at risk. By collecting data on USG nursing programs’ admission requirements, the Subgroup is identifying successful student retention strategies, including underrepresented minorities, to share with all programs.

The Clinical Training/Partnerships Subgroup focuses on problems and opportunities related to expansion of clinical capacity. This group is exploring interactive central placement software to address efficiency in placements in partnership with the Georgia Hospital Association, developing a standardized credentialing process for all clinical sites, and creating a system-wide plan for simulation training for programs without access.

The Curriculum Subgroup is charged to identify and address curricular issues that have, or have the potential, to influence retention and graduation rates of qualified students in nursing programs and to recommend the appropriate proportion of ASN, BSN and new master’s CNL in the USG system. This group is creating a “tool-kit” of best practices to share system-wide and is working on a curriculum development module for system-wide use (for the tool-kit). An on-line learning module for medication calculations is a finished product.