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Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

Nursing Resources

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Current or Potential Nursing Students

Guide to Health Careers in Georgia

The Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center (SOWEGA-AHEC) publishes the Health Careers in Georgia, which is a guide providing current information on health careers.

Financial Resources

The links below provide information on a wide variety of financial aid resources. If you are interested in further information about these resources, please contact the organization directly as the Center staff do not have any additional information. Your individual school of nursing and financial aid office can provide specialized information on additional assistance that may be available to you.

General Financial Aid

Learning Modules

The USG’s Digital Instructional Resource Exchange contains instructional resources for nursing education that can be used by faculty and students to support teaching and learning. Available nursing education learning modules include:

  • Nursing scope of practice issues, patient safety
  • Using dimensional analysis for dosage calculations
  • Conversions and abbreviations
  • Using dimensional analysis for dosage calculations
  • Basic fractions refresher
  • Labels and syringes
  • Metric practice and rounding
  • Medical calculation review

To access the learning modules, go to Log in as a guest by selecting the “log in as guest” option next to the “log in” button. You do not need to enter anything into the username or password fields. Search for “nursing” in the search field and the nursing learning modules will be listed.