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Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis


Print friendly Modified September 28, 2009

photo of doctors attending to a patientThe need to educate more physicians in Georgia has emerged as a critical issue for all Georgians. Today, Georgia is ranked 41st in the nation in physician to population ratios due to Georgia’s dramatically increasing population and not educating enough physicians or attracting enough physicians from beyond Georgia to keep up with the state’s health care needs1. Dramatic steps must be taken to educate more medical students and to expand residency training opportunities to ensure an adequate physician workforce to meet the health care needs of Georgians. By 2020, production of 200 to 300 new physicians each year will be needed to meet the demand for services. Without the immediate statewide investment in medical education at the MD level and simultaneous expansion of residency training programs, the future health and safety of Georgians is at risk.

  1. Source: AMA Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the U.S 2008 Edition