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Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

Behavioral Health Resources

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  • Northwest Georgia Consortium Internship Program (Psychological Services)
    The Northwest Georgia Consortium offers an intensive and comprehensive clinical and educational experience, firmly rooted in a belief in multicultural values and community service. An internship with the Northwest Georgia Consortium consists of one year of full-time training, beginning the first workday in September, totaling two thousand hours of supervised experience. There are 3 four-month-long rotations during which the intern is provided a wide range of training experiences with the goal of developing skills as a Generalist-Practitioner. Training focuses on developing competencies in the areas of psychological services, the professional role, diversity and ethics in practice.

  • Guide to Health Careers in Georgia
    The Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center (SOWEGA-AHEC) publishes the Health Careers in Georgia, which is a guide providing current information on health careers