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Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

Behavioral Health

Print friendly Modified April 21, 2010

photo of teacher and studentsAs with many components of Georgia’s health workforce, the behavioral health workforce is facing critical shortages. This workforce is uniquely complex, as compared to other fields of the health workforce and is comprised of a large number of professions, only some of which are primarily dedicated to providing behavioral health care. Most of the professions making up this workforce provide services in a broad range of health care areas, of which behavioral health is only one area. Therefore identifying, quantifying and addressing the shortages found in this workforce present unique and complex difficulties. Without intervention, one might expect to find continued shortcomings in the availability of services provided to those seeking treatment in Georgia. It is essential that effective solutions to the workforce shortages be sought and implemented. Likely, these can only be found through developing knowledge of the extent of the current problem, an understanding of the forces driving it, and building effective partnerships to begin creating the workforce needed to ensure that the state can effectively meet the behavioral health needs of its citizens.