Information Technology Services

Product Release Calendars

This calendar lists INGRESS and Banner Components for INGRESS upcoming releases with short-term and long-term planning windows anticipated for delivery in the coming months.

Important: Release titles, descriptions, contents and projected dates are tentative and subject to change.

The timing of releases is intended to give institutions sufficient notification and an opportunity to provide feedback for changes that affect them. The Release Calendar will be updated regularly to reflect dates as they are made available, ITS may adjust the contents or timing of a release as circumstances dictate. In such cases, ITS will endeavor to notify campuses of changes to the Release Plan as soon as possible.

In addition to the events listed, ITS plans and participates in numerous project activities throughout the year also included on this calendar. ITS may issue additional ‘interim’ releases that contain level 1 defect corrections or time critical regulatory software.

When possible, pre-release announcements will post to relevant listservs two weeks in advance of the releases that will specify the exact version numbers, prerequisites and deliverables.