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With limited State funding focused on academic needs, institutions have alternative funding mechanisms to provide and maintain student-related support facilities. Facilities include student housing, student centers, student recreation facilities, some athletic venues, and parking decks that can be supported by a self-liquidating revenue source, in partnership with affiliated foundations. The Office of Fiscal Affairs works closely with the institutions and foundations to help them navigate the complex transactions required to develop and construct alternatively financed facilities. We also develop and maintain policies and procedures and review the public private ventures portfolio and financial operating data for each project, in conjunction with Facilities.


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Contact Information

Susan Ridley
Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs/Finance Director
Tel: 404-962-3159

Marty Nance
Executive Director, Real Estate Ventures
Tel.: 404-962-3167

Cynthia Alexander
Director, REV-Asset Management
Tel.: 404-962-3175

Ron Reed
Director, REV-Development
Tel.: 404-962-3165

Regina Travis
Director, REV-Administration
Tel.: 404-962-3166

Wayne Tyler
Program Manager, REV-Mgmt & Ops.
Tel.: 404-962-3183

Jonathan Lucia
P3 Portfolio Manager
Tel.: 470-725-4550

Jim Boatright
Program Manager, REV-Development
Tel.: 404-962-3179

Cynthia Brooks
Administrative Assistant I
Tel.: 404-962-3163