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Fiscal Affairs


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Fiscal Affairs is comprised of five main departments: Accounting and Reporting, Budget Office, Business Services, Public Private Ventures and System Procurement.

  • Accounting and Reporting

    Accounting and Reporting supports the Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs and the University System of Georgia by providing leadership and guidance to USG Institutions on accounting policies and procedures and related reporting.

  • Budgeting

    The Budget Office supports the University System’s highest priorities by identifying, projecting, allocating, and managing the central resources available for operating and capital expenditures.

  • Business Services

    Business Services provides the highest quality financial and office services to all customers of the University System Office. Our customers include employees, Regents, legislators, government agencies, auditors, vendors and grantors.

  • Finance

    Every proposed public-private venture opportunity is unique, and requires approval by the Board of Regents. The Office of Fiscal Affairs staff work closely with the institutions to help them navigate the complex transactions required to develop and construct alternatively financed facilities.

  • Public Private Partnerships (P3 RFQC)

    The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) has launched Phase I of its Public-Private Partnership initiative for on-campus student housing. This website contains the RFQC and all information related to this procurement.

  • Research and Policy Analysis

    Research and Policy Analysis analyzes higher education and related state and national policy issues and their impact on the University System of Georgia. The research conducted by RPA focuses on students, curriculum, and faculty.
    Visit RPA website »

  • Strategic Sourcing/Procurement

    System Procurement services pursue strategies which provide the opportunity to generate and redirect savings through the coordination of the procurement activities of the institutions of the University System of Georgia relevant to standards, aggregation of purchasing power and negotiation of contract terms.