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Faculty Development

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Faculty Development Sessions

The USG Office of Faculty Development staff members are available to provide presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. To arrange a workshop or a presentation session please contact Marie Lasseter.

The USG Podcast Server and USG iTunes U. – Presenter: Mark Johnson
This session will provide an overview of the University System of Georgia (USG) Podcast Server (PCS) and the USG iTunes U site. The USG podcast server provides centralized podcast hosting services for USG institutions and designated organizations or units. The USG iTunes U site makes USG video, audio and pdf files available for viewing and downloading.

Evaluating Online Faculty – Presenter: Ginger Durham
Do you believe faculty teaching online should be evaluated differently than faculty teaching face-to-face? If so, what are the criteria and standards that should be used? This workshop focuses on designing an evaluation process tailored to the needs of your institution, and provides examples of best practices, a sample evaluation process and a sample evaluation rubric.

The Pedagogy of Online Teaching – Presenter: Ginger Durham
The Pedagogy of Online Teaching session explores the face of today’s online learners, methods of online delivery and strategies for online instruction and assessment. The changing role of the instructor as facilitator is addressed and an adaptation of the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Higher Education for online education is provided.

Finding and Using Open Education Resources – Presenter: Marie Lasseter
This session will provide an introduction to the open access movement and how to find and share high quality free instructional content. Educators can find existing instructional resources to use in their courses or share content they use in their own teaching for others to use. A wide variety of free content is available, including openly licensed educational resources and textbooks that can be freely used and in many cases remixed, revised, and redistributed.

Open Access Textbooks – Presenter: Marie Lasseter
This session will discuss current options for reducing textbook costs with an emphasis on open textbooks. Open textbooks represent a substantial cost savings to students and are free to read online or download to computers, e-readers, or other mobile devices. Instructors can customize open textbooks to maximize instructional content to meet their own learning objectives. Well written, peer reviewed, and high-quality open access textbooks are available. The presentation will look at examples of open access textbooks and how to find, evaluate, and adopt them.

Instructional Design Overview – Presenter: Marie Lasseter
What is the best way for people to learn about a certain topic or develop a skill?
Instructional design is the process of creating learning experiences that take into consideration effective instructional strategies for a particular audience. More than just presenting information to learners, instructional design is about finding the best ways for people to learn about a topic or develop a skill. This presentation will highlight components of the instructional design process as a guide for systematically creating effective learning experiences.

Topics include analyzing instructional goals, learner characteristics and needs, writing objectives, selecting delivery methods and instructional strategies, creating a plan for course delivery and development, and evaluation strategies.