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Regents’ Teaching Excellence & Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards

The Regents’ Teaching Excellence Award, Regents’ Teaching Excellence Award for Online Teaching and the Regents’ Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award are the highest honors for faculty at Georgia’s public colleges and universities. The program accepts nominations from each institution in the University System of Georgia for a total of six individual faculty awards and one program award annually. Individual faculty award winners are recognized each year during an awards ceremony at the Regents’ Scholarship Gala.

Created in 1996, the Regents’ Awards program recognizes the finest among the University System of Georgia’s full-time instructional faculty for their demonstrated educational excellence in teaching, online teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Award recipients in the past have had a record of exceptional teaching and a strong commitment to impacting student learning, ultimately fostering the academic success of students.

NOTE The Office of Faculty Development will, effective December 2014 adjust the timeline for the submission of nomination portfolios and rendering a decision on each award so it aligns more closely with the Regents’ Scholarship Gala. When the awards were presented at a fall Board Meeting in previous years, it was necessary to have a decision prior to the end of summer. The new timeline allows institutions the fall semester to compile the nomination packets and provides a faster turnaround time on the announcement of award recipients. The proposed change has received approval by the members who attended the fall 2014 Teaching and Learning Consortium meeting. The members of the consortium provide the pool from which we select the evaluation committees.