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Print friendly Modified January 14, 2013

The USG Office of Information Security and ePrivacy has been asked to “make recommendations to organizations for privacy policies and practices that promote and protect the interests of Georgia consumers.”  This page contains links to published recommendations of this Office, which are intended to serve as guidelines to assist organizations in reviewing and revising their information-handling practices to ensure the protection of consumers’ privacy.

Privacy Resources for Business

    •The Federal Trade Commission provides information for business on identity theft, privacy and security. The downloadable materials cover topics including consumer reports, financial privacy, writing privacy notices, children’s online privacy, a guide to protecting personal information and business guidance on the Red Flags Rule.

    •The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Computer Security Resource Center has a Small Business Corner that provides information on security workshops for small businesses held around the country. It also provides downloadable informational materials from past workshops.

Higher Education

Many of the privacy practice recommendations on this page intended for business are also relevant for institutions of higher education, and for other organizations.