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Information Security and ePrivacy

Securing Your Mobile Device

Print friendly Modified May 6, 2014

​With the number of tablets and smartphones in the world on the rise, they are becoming the target of an increasing number of security threats. Below are some links that describe the most common security concerns for mobile devices and how to protect yourself against them.

  • Turn on “passcode” required to access your smart device. NOT a “simple” passcode, but at least 6 characters for the passcode.
  • Set the phone to lock after one minute or less of inactivity.
  • Does your phone have a setting that will lock the smart device after there are too many failed attempts to log-in? Typically more than 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password?
  • Update the operating system, apps and programs as soon as you are notified. These updates often contain security enhancements and patches for vulnerabilities.
  • Use a “find my phone” app that lets you locate the phone if it’s lost or stolen and erase all the data remotely.
  • Stick with trusted app stores. This won’t guarantee “clean” software, but it will lower the risk.
  • Don’t click links in an email, text or social network on your smart device, especially from strangers!

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