Materials for Participating High Schools

Site Coordinator Training Video

The Georgia Apply to College (GAC) Site Coordinator Training Video provides participating high schools with all of the information they need to plan and hold a great GAC event. The training video includes lots of great tips from Site Coordinators who have held great events in the past, as well as an overview of all of the GAC resources. Both first time and veteran GAC schools will find the video helpful as they begin preparations for their event.

The Georgia Apply to College program is grant-funded so data collection is key to our future success. By providing the following information, you can help us continue the program in the future.

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Event Preparation Materials

GAC Materials Overview
This document outlines the various Georgia Apply to College materials that are made available to participating GAC high schools and how we recommend they be used. Schools request program materials during the registration process. Material availability is subject to grant funding.

Site Coordinator Handbook
The Site Coordinator Handbook is designed to help make planning and holding a Georgia Apply to College (GAC) event as easy as possible. The designated site coordinator is strongly encouraged to review the Handbook and to take advantage of the information and materials it contains. The following are among the items included in the Handbook:

  • A GAC planning timeline and checklist;
  • An overview of the various GAC materials;
  • Information on the Apply to College Guideway and complementary Guideway activities;
  • Sample communications, including a volunteer recruitment letter, a parent/guardian support letter, a volunteer confirmation email and a sample media release;
  • Suggested supplemental activities designed to help high schools make their event special and exciting;

Guide for Preparing Your Students
The Guide for Preparing Your Students has been developed to help participating high schools ensure their students are not only ready to successfully complete a college admission application, but are ready to apply to a college that is a good match for them. Most activities in this Guide have been designed to correspond with the newly revamped Apply to College Guideway found on the GAcollege411 website.

Apply to College Guideway – The Apply to College Guideway is a tool within GAcollege411 which guides students through the process of researching and preparing to apply to college by completing activities found on the GAcollege411 website. In order to get the most out of their GAC experience, students are encouraged to complete the necessary steps of the Guideway prior to their school’s event. The Apply to College Guideway activities include reading articles related to selecting a college, conducting research using GAcollege411 to identify colleges that might be the best match for them, and completing a practice admission application.

Student Prep Sheet
The Student Prep Sheet allows students to note those colleges/universities that they have identified as the best match for them and also allows them to capture key pieces of information that are typically requested on an application for admission. By completing the Student Prep Sheet prior to their Georgia Apply to College event, students can be prepared to make the most out of their time participating in their school’s event. We recommend that the Student Prep Sheet be used in conjunction with the Apply to College Guideway. This document has been saved as a Word document to allow schools to customize it to meet their needs.

GAcollege411 Instructions

  • GAcollege411 Technology Guidelines
    In collaboration with GSFC/GAcollege411, we have created this document containing recommendations designed to help minimize potential technology issues during your GAC event. We encourage you to share the document with your school/school system technology team at least a week prior to your event.

  • Student Instructions for Accessing GAC Guideway
    The Georgia Apply to College Guideway guides students through the process of researching and preparing to apply for college by completing activities found on the GAcollege411 website. All students participating in Georgia Apply to College are encouraged to complete through step 6 of the guideway prior to the event. This document provides instructions for accessing and beginning the Georgia Apply to College Guideway.

  • Counselor Instructions for Monitoring Student Guideway Progress
    This document provides instructions for counselors on how to monitor student progress through the Georgia Apply to College Guideway by using tools available in the Professional Center. The Georgia Apply to College Guideway provides students with activities related to researching and applying to college. We recommend that students complete through Step 6 prior to Georgia Apply to College.

  • Steps for Resetting GACollege411 Student Passwords
    These instructions provide the steps to reset a student password. At least one staff member at each high school should already have access to reset student passwords. We recommend that each high school have that staff member on hand during GACW to assist students who may have forgotten their GAcollege411 account information.

Materials for the Day of the Event

GAC Event Data Summary Sheet
Immediately following their event, each high school must their event data to the GAC Committee using the GAC Event Data Summary Sheet. We are required to submit this data as part of our federal grant reporting and it is critical to the continued success of the program. Schools not submitting a data sheet will be unable to participate in future events. Completed forms can be submitted to the GAC Committee in the following ways:

Fax: 404-962-3116

Georgia Apply to College Program
The Office of Student Affairs
270 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

GAC Event Data Summary Sheet

2014 Schools with a completed GAC Event Data Summary Sheet (updated weekly)

GAC Student Sign-Out Sheet
To help high schools capture the data required on the GAC Event Data Summary Sheet, we have created the GAC Student Sign-out Sheet. Schools should print as many copies of the sign-out sheet as needed so that each participating student may sign out following his/her participation. The data collected on this sheet can then be summarized and submitted to the GAC Committee using the GAC Event Data Summary Sheet. Note, the GAC Student Sign-Out Sheet does not need to be submitted to the GAC Committee.

GAC Student Sign-Out Sheet

GAC Volunteer Sign-In Sheet
As part of the data requested on the GAC Event Data Summary Sheet, high schools are asked to provide the number of volunteers that supported their event. High Schools may elect to use the GAC Volunteer Sign-In Sheet to make it easy to keep track of their number of volunteers. The Volunteer Sign-In Sheet is also a great way to keep a record of volunteers, making it easy to know who to reach out to again next year! Note, the Volunteer Sign-out Sheet does not need to be submitted to the GAC Committee.

GAC Volunteer Sign-In Sheet

Don’t Forget to Sign-Out Flyer
It is important that students remember to sign out of their GAcollege411 account once they have completed work on their application(s). Not signing out could result in another student inadvertently making changes to their application. We recommend posting the “Don’t Forget to Sign Out” flyer near the computers that will be in use during your event to remind students to complete this important step.

Don’t Forget to Sign-Out Flyer

Tips from Veteran Site Coordinators

Over the years, we have heard from many of you that it would be beneficial for Site Coordinators to have a way to share GAC tips with each other. The following is a compilation of the tips that we have received. Please feel free to send us any tips that you would like for us to share on our website by emailing

1. Plan ahead. 2. Get support of the administration. 3. Publicize.

This year we held several ‘Get Connected’ days prior to our event. Seniors were able to come to the Career Center, get a refresher on GACollege411, get their passwords reset, and pick up a copy of the student prep sheet. Many of them arrived at the event with the Prep Sheet completed.

Invite your juniors to help assist with the event. They will know what to expect when they are seniors.

Make passes ahead of time for the students who sign up to participate so they won’t miss their times.

Have an instruction handout for students with easy to follow steps on how to navigate GAcollege411. This will allow students to get started when they come to the computer lab.

The bulletin board signing was great afterwards and we fed them breakfast to celebrate. Food always adds a positive touch for seniors!

It helps if you work with your English teachers and have students graded on some of the activities.

Seek sponsors for t-shirts, food for volunteers, etc. and be sure to celebrate the accomplishments of the senior class (i.e. balloon release, senior college pep rally). Use the Ask Me About My College activity to boost student and faculty spirit. It works!!!!!

We promoted the event by theming the whole week ‘College Week’. We had a number of activities in the days leading up to the event.

Plan, plan, plan, and get a good team around you!

Start advertising the event early. Have teachers announce to seniors and talk to them about the application process.

Allow plenty of time for each group. Let students know they can submit later. Don’t “over plan.” USE THE site to monitor whether your students have an account. Then use it to re-set passwords as needed. I have hosted the event two years in a row, and this last piece of information was the difference between an unsuccessful event (last year) and a successful one this year.

To follow the provided time line and read the handbook! There were so many excellent activities that make the day fun for the entire school community and everything that you need to make the event successful is at your fingertips if you take the time to review it!

Keep it simple the first time around and use a timeline to keep up with the process as outlined.