Georgia Apply to College

It is now time to apply to participate in the 2014 Georgia Apply to College program! Don’t delay and apply today!

Has your school previously held a Georgia Apply to College event??
Click here to register for the 2014 program!

Are you thinking about participating in the Georgia Apply to College program for the first time but want to learn more?
We encourage you to review the Thinking of Holding an Event section of our website to learn more about the benefits of participating in the Georgia Apply to College program and what it takes to hold a successful GAC event. Once your school has decided to participate, scroll to the bottom of the Thinking of Holding an Event section and click to start your registration. Of course, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to call us at 404-962-3110.

Congratulations to the 2013 Georgia Apply to College high schools!

Thanks to the hard work and preparation of the 2013 Site Coordinators and their school teams, the 2013 GAC program was a big success! Over 200 high schools from across Georgia participated, providing seniors with the opportunity to receive hands-on assistance as they navigated the college application process. A HUGE “thank you” goes out to the hundreds of the parent, school, college, business, military and community volunteers who helped make the 2013 program possible! Thanks to the GAC volunteers, thousands of Georgia students were able to get a jump start on making their college dreams a reality!

Check out the 2013 Georgia Apply to College event photos and articles! Also, thanks to McEachern and Monroe Area High Schools for sharing their incredibly inspiring Georgia Apply to College videos!!!
McEachern High School video
Monroe Area High School video
We hope to see even more amazing videos in 2014!!!

Do you have a 2013 GAC event photo, video or article from your local newspaper highlighting your event to share? Email them to us at and we’ll add them our site!

Attention 2013 GAC participating schools: Event data is critical to the Georgia Apply to College program! Please be sure to submit your completed GAC Event Data Sheet ASAP!!!!!

Do you have feedback on the 2013 program or thoughts on how we can continue to improve the program? Are you a Site Coordinator who created materials to help with your event that you would be willing to share with other schools? Or do you have any tips for new site coordinators that we can add to the Tips from Veteran Site Coordinators section of our site? Please email us at!

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