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Shelley C. Nickel

Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning & Implementation
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Shelley Clark Nickel serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and Implementation for the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia. She is responsible for executing the board’s strategic plan and implementing system-wide projects. She has extensive experience in the field of public administration and policy and has served her state on numerous boards dealing with a wide range of issues, including transportation, economic development, and education.

Most recently, Nickel was Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget for the State of Georgia, the highest state office in budget planning and management. Appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue, Nickel was the first woman to hold this position. The Director is responsible for the development of a comprehensive state budget that meets the fiscal and statutory requirements as well as the Governor’s budget priorities.

Nickel also served as President of the Georgia Student Finance Commission. This organization is responsible for the state’s scholarship, grant, and loan programs, including the nationally known HOPE program, which has provided more than 950,000 students with $3.2 billion dollars in aid. Under her leadership, Georgia led the nation in the percentage of merit-based student scholarships awarded for several consecutive years.

Shelley is infinitely devoted to her alma mater, Penn State, and has named her dog, Nittany, after their mascot.

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