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Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

Departments of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

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Photo of Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUA

Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUA
Vice Chancellor, Facilities
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Facilities is responsible for overseeing the management of construction, renovation, and maintenance of facilities for the thirty-one USG institutions; working with campus officers and other state agencies; managing the oversight of long-range development planning, including coordinating the development of campus master plans; and implementing systems for property management and land development.

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Fiscal Affairs

Photo of John E. Brown

John E. Brown
Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs
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Fiscal Affairs handles the allocation of state appropriations to the 31 USG institutions; manages the internal administration of the USO including budgeting, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and cash management; and develops business procedures and practices for the USO institutions. This office provides regular reports on the financial performance of USG institutions and the system as a whole.

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Georgia Archives

Christopher M. Davidson, J.D.
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The Georgia Archives identifies, collects, manages, preserves, publicizes, and provides access to records and information of Georgia and its people and assists state and local government agencies with their records management.

The Georgia Archives was established in 1918 and was first housed in the State Capitol Building. The Georgia Archives moved to Rhodes Hall in 1930 and then in 1965 to a new building built specifically to house the Georgia Archives. The Georgia Archives moved to its current home in Morrow in 2003.

The Archives is open for research Friday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (Wednesday-Saturday beginning July 31). Original documents are retrieved from 8:30 to 4:00 p.m., and may be viewed in the Original Document Reading Room until 4:45 p.m.

Georgia Public Library Service

Photo of Dr. Lamar Veatch

Dr. Lamar Veatch
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Georgia Public Library Service
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Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) provides administrative support to Georgia’s public libraries; develops and implements statewide policies, procedures, and programs; and encourages reading, literacy and education through the continuing support and improvement of Georgia’s public libraries.

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Human Resources

Photo of Marion Fedrick

Marion Fedrick
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
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Human Resources is responsible for the plan design and plan administration of all system-wide employee benefit programs and oversees the publishing and implementation of the Board of Regents personnel policies. This office also directs system-wide training and leadership initiatives.

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Strategic Planning

Photo of Shelley C. Nickel

Shelley C. Nickelbiography
Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning & Implementation
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Strategic Planning defines and oversees the implementation of USG’s six strategic goals, focusing on building the system’s capacity to meet the needs of the state and transform the lives of future generations of Georgians. These goals include: 1) Renew excellence in undergraduate education; 2) Create enrollment capacity to meet needs of additional students to 2020; 3) increase the USG’s participation in research and economic development; 4) Strengthen the USG’s partnerships with the state’s other education agencies; 5) Maintain affordability for higher education costs; and 6) Increase efficiency, working as a System.

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