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Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

Departments of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

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Photo of Mr. Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUA

Mr. Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUA
Vice Chancellor, Facilities
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Facilities is responsible for overseeing the management of construction, renovation, and maintenance of facilities for the thirty-one USG institutions; working with campus officers and other state agencies; managing the oversight of long-range development planning, including coordinating the development of campus master plans; and implementing systems for property management and land development.

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Fiscal Affairs

Photo of Mr. John E. Brown

Mr. John E. Brown
Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs
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Fiscal Affairs handles the allocation of state appropriations to the 31 USG institutions; manages the internal administration of the USO including budgeting, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and cash management; and develops business procedures and practices for the USO institutions. This office provides regular reports on the financial performance of USG institutions and the system as a whole.

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Human Resources

Photo of Ms. Marion Fedrick

Ms. Marion Fedrick
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
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Human Resources is responsible for the plan design and plan administration of all system-wide employee benefit programs and oversees the publishing and implementation of the Board of Regents personnel policies. This office also directs system-wide training and leadership initiatives.

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Information Technology Services

Dr. Robert H. Laurine Jr.
Chief Information Officer

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides leadership to the University System of Georgia for technologies that support instruction, research, and service in higher education. ITS delivers comprehensive, mission-critical technology resources, services, insights, and solutions to students, faculty, and staff; the Board of Regents; the University System Office; the Georgia Public Library System; and Georgia residents.

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Photo of Ms. Shelley C. Nickel

Ms. Shelley C. Nickel
Vice Chancellor, Planning

Planning is tasked with ensuring that the System is effective at anticipating and driving change based upon robust, data-driven, policy decision making. The department is responsible for taking the lead on many critical strategic initiatives such as consolidation, enrollment planning, and other long-term issues like system management of financial aid. The work of Research and Policy Analysis (RPA) is critical in supporting these efforts. It is the research arm of the Board of Regents, analyzing higher education and related state and national policy issues and their impact on the University System of Georgia. The research conducted by RPA focuses on students, curriculum, and faculty.

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