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Articulation and Core Transfer

The University System of Georgia offers a diverse and rich array of institutions, programs and courses to the citizens of the State. The implementation guidelines described below are intended to assist students who, take advantage of the diverse educational opportunities available to them, elect to transfer credits between or among USG institutions.

Institutions within the USG have carefully designed their core curriculum requirements in each core area to reflect local institutional culture and to assure that students meet agreed upon general educational outcomes. Each institution has attempted to define a coherent set of courses that reflects the institutional philosophy of general education.

The implementation guidelines strike a balance between maintaining the coherence of institutional curriculum requirements and the needs and desires of students to take advantage of course offerings at more than one institution. While students are not required to complete the entire core curriculum at one institution and are able to transfer completed areas of the core, they are required to declare a “home” institution whose requirements they are expected to follow.

The following are the implementation guidelines for transfer of core curriculum credit between USG institutions effective Fall Semester, 1998.

  1. Students in the USG must declare one home institution at a time. Students who transfer from one USG institution to another automatically change their designated home institution. Students who wish to take courses (including distance learning courses) from a USG institution other than the home institution, either concurrently or intermittently, must receive transient permission to take and receive credit for core courses satisfying home institution core requirements. Students will generally be given permission to take a course with a common System name and number if the course is included in the home institution’s core curriculum and the student meets the course prerequisites at both institutions. These courses will meet established requirements of the core curriculum at the home institution.

  2. Students who complete the core curriculum (Areas A-F) at a USG institution are guaranteed full credit in transfer if they do not change majors or programs of study.

  3. Students who complete an area of the core curriculum are guaranteed full credit for that area in transfer if they do not change intended majors or programs of study. In areas C and E, students completing the sending institution’s core are guaranteed full transfer credit regardless of changes in intended majors or programs of study.

  4. Students who have credit for a core curriculum course but do not complete the entire core area to which it applies will receive credit in transfer if that course or a similar course is approved at the receiving institution within that area of the core. Courses with common course names and numbers are guaranteed to transfer if they are included in the receiving institution’s core curriculum.

  5. Students will receive full credit for courses completed in Area A regardless of whether they complete the entire area. Students switching from a non-math/science to a math/science track must meet the minimum essential skills of pre-calculus or calculus as appropriate.

  6. Provided that native and transfer students are treated equally, institutions may impose additional reasonable expectations such as a grade of “C” in English Composition.

  7. For students who transfer after completing the core curriculum at a System institution, receiving institutions may require that these students complete requirements as specified for native students; however, the total number of hours required of the transfer student for the baccalaureate degree shall not exceed the number of hours required of native students for the same major field.

  8. Each institution shall designate an ombudsperson to facilitate the transfer of students within the System. The ombudsperson is the contact person for students, faculty, advisors, records and admissions personnel, and academic administrators when problems related to transfer of Core Curriculum coursework across System institutions occur. Students with questions or concerns about the transfer of credit between System institutions should contact the ombudsperson at the receiving institution.

Reference: Academic Affairs Handbook, Section 2.04.04 – Transfer of Core Curriculum Credit Between USG Institutions