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University System of Georgia and Gateways To Completion

What is a Gateways course?

Gateway courses are considered to be classes that are high-risk with high enrollment and are often the foundation level courses for an academic major. Success in foundation level courses, such as: accounting, biology, chemistry, math, writing and rhetoric, is a direct predictor of retention. Gateways to Completion (G2C) provides faculty and institutions with processes, guidance and tools to support redesign of lower division and/or developmental level courses..

G2C also includes a Teaching and Learning Academy and an Analytics Process Collaborative. University System of Georgia (USG) Faculty attend the Gateway Course Experience Conference and participate in the G2C Community of Practice meetings. There faculty/administrators network with like-minded institutions and reflect on and shape the body of scholarship on gateway course success.

The University System of Georgia is the only University System in the nation approaching this work from a System perspective. Cohort I began the three-year process in 2015. Cohort II will be launched in 2017.

What is Gateways to Completion (G2C)?

The Gateways to Completion program is an exciting initiative to help students enrolled in USG institutions achieve success early on in their academic career. “Developed with insight of a distinguished national Advisory Committee, the comprehensive G2C approach provides faculty with a structured, evidence-based course self study process with unparalleled advice and support from the nation’s leader in higher education student success.” The G2C process improves planning and offers engaging pedagogues, analytic tools, and expertise from the John N. Gardner Institute.

Cohort I

In 2015, ten USG institutions began a three-year collaboration with the John N Gardner Institute on Gateways to Completion:

  1. East Georgia State College
  2. Georgia Highlands State College
  3. Georgia Southern University
  4. Georgia Southwestern State University
  5. Gordon State College
  6. Middle Georgia State University
  7. Kennesaw State University
  8. South Georgia State College
  9. University of West Georgia
  10. Valdosta State University

Cohort 2

Launching October 18, 2017