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Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Updates and Revisions

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Date Section Summary
May 2014 2.4.10 Course Prefix and Number Changed Course title from Quantitative Skills and Reasoning to Quantitative Reasoning; Changed Course descriptions for Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra and Pre-Calculus, deleted text
Quantitative Skills and Reasoning - This course places quantitative skills and reasoning in the context of experiences that students will be likely to encounter. It emphasizes processing information in context from a variety of representations, understanding of both the information and the processing, and understanding which conclusions can be reasonably determined.
College Algebra - This course is a functional approach to algebra that incorporates the use of appropriate technology. Emphasis will be placed on the study of functions, and their graphs, inequalities, and linear, quadratic, piece-wise defined, rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Appropriate applications will be included.
Pre-Calculus - This course is designed to prepare students for calculus, physics, and related technical subjects. Topics include an intensive study of algebraic and transcendental functions accompanied by analytic geometry.
November 2013 2.9.1 IV. C. Administrative Procedures for Learning Support Programs Added “All USG institutions are encouraged to provide Learning Support for students as corequisites to college level courses. Such courses must be designed to provide instruction to supplement the specific core curriculum courses.”
November 2013 2.9.1 Administrative Procedures for Learning Support Programs Removed “Permission from the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer is required for institutions seeking to establish LS exit level courses as corequisites for college level courses.”
November 2013 2.9.1 Administrative Procedures for Learning Support Programs Removed “IV. D.4 To exit a Learning Support area, students must complete the exist level LS course in that area, meet any established institutional standards, and attain at least the USG minimum collegiate level placement score on the COMPASS. (Once students earn a passing COMPASS score, they need not retake the COMPASS, even though they may have met all requirements for exiting at the time they passed the COMPASS.)”
April 2013 3.1 Requirements for Undergraduate Admissions Changed number of institutions from 35 to 31
March 2013 2.17Acceptance of Core Coursework &Placement Test Scores from TCSG List of COC - SACS accredited TCSG institutions| Section added
March 2013 2.17 Acceptance of Core Coursework and Placement Test Scores from TCSG CCG Articulation Courses | Section added
July 2011 4.3.5 Salary Conversion Guidelines for Fiscal & Academic Year Faculty Appointments Section added
April 2011 2.9.1 IV Rules for Students in Learning Support Programs Section D 3 revised
March 2011 2.9.1 - 2.9.3 Learning Support Section updated
March 2011 Academic Program Forecast Section added to explain forecast process and provide a form
December 2010 4.10 Faculty Overload Policy Section revision; sample contract addendum added
December 2010 4.2 Definition of Part-Time Definition revision; added sample compliance statement
November 2010 2.4 Core Curriculum Overlay effective date, Fall 2012
November 2010 2.4.1 Comprehensive Program Review RACEA will conduct spot reviews
November 2010 2.4.3 US, GL & CT Learning Goals Overlay effective date, Fall 2012
November 2010 2.4.4 Details Regarding A - F: A1 Communications Skills, A2 Quantitative Skills Clarification and effective dates added
October 2010 2.3.10 Joint Degrees Added
October 2010 2.3.9 Dual Degrees Links inserted
October 2010 2.3.1 Majors & Minors Revised text
May 2010 2.8.12 Institutional Exemption Added section on Institutional Regents’ Exemption
April 2010 4.4.1 Probationary Credit Toward Tenure Correction to text, changing ‘minimum’ to ‘maximum’
April 2010 4.3.3 Sample Contracts Added sample contracts
Arpil 2010 2.4.10 Common Course Prefix, Numbers & Descriptions Added common course numbers for Philosophy
March 2010 3.3 Undergraduate Admissions for Transfer Students Clarification of 3 hour rule
March 2010 2.9.1 Administrative Procedures for Learning Support Programs Clarification of 3 hour rule
March 2010 Section 3.2.1. High School Graduation Clarification of definition
March 2010 Section 3.2.6 Special Admissions Clarification of definition
March 2010 Section 2.3.6 Comprehensive Program Review Section updated
January 2010 Section 2 Complete section revised and reformatted
November 2009 Section 1 Complete section revised and reformatted
Section 3 Complete section revised and reformatted
July 2009 Preface Complete section revised and reformatted
Section 4 Complete section revised and reformatted
November 2006 Section 4.03.02, Faculty Work in the Schools Added
August 2005 Section 2.12.01 BOR Policy 920 inserted
Section 2.12.02, Off-Campus Instructional Site Policies and Guidelines Revised
Section 2.12.03 BOR Policy 303.03 inserted
Section 2.12.04 Removed
May 2003 Section 2.08.01 BOR Policy excerpt updated to reflect change of April 17, 2003
Section 2.08.02, Regents’ Test Policy and Procedures Changed to reflect revision approved by the BOR
November 2002 Entire Handbook Reformatted and navigation scheme added
October 2002 Section 3.17 (3), Withdrawal for Military Service Added “grade of” to procedure 3
May 2002 Section 2.03.02, New Academic Programs Revised to replace the Preliminary Proposal for new academic programs with a Letter of Intent
Section 4.01.04, Timely Submission of Recommendations
Section 4.01.05, Part-time Employment
Section 4.01.07, Employment Beyond Retirement
Section 4.04.02, Probationary Credit Toward Tenure
Section 4.08, Evaluation of Faculty
Section 4.13.01, Nonrenewal of Contracts
Section 4.17.07, Faculty Overloads
April 2002 Section 2.03.01, Majors and Minors
Section 2.12.02, Off Campus Course Work
Section 2.16, Retired Faculty Office Space
Section 4.01.01, Faculty Membership
Section 4.01.02, Faculty Qualifications
Section 4.01.08, Permissive Retirement Age
Section 4.03, Award of Promotion
Section 4.04.01, Tenure
Section 4.05.03, Military Leaves
Section 4.07.02, Georgia Eminent Scholars Endowment Trust Fund
Section 4.07.03, Establishment of Special Faculty Positions
Section 4.11, Employment/Resignation
Section 4.11.01, Employee Contract Forms
Section 4.12, Removal of Faculty Members
Section 4.13.02, Suspension
Section 4.13.03, Restriction on Employment
Section 4.14.05, Salary Supplements
Section 4.15, Vacation
Section 4.16, Sick Leave
Section 2.24, Acceptance of Core Coursework and Placement Test Scores from DTAE Colleges added .
March 2002 Section 1.07, Approval Process for Academic Programs & Personnel updated
Section 4.02, Major Faculty/Administrative Positions
December 2001 Section 3.17, Withdrawal for Military Service: Refunds and Grades added
October 2001 Sections 2.22.01, 2.22.02, 2.22.03, Criteria for documentation of learning disabilities updated and clarified
April 2001 Section 2.08.02, Regents’ Testing Program: Administrative Procedures
Section 2.04.01, General Guidelines for Core Curriculum Areas A-E
February 2001 Section 3.01.01, 2.4, Previous admissions requirements for international students deleted
December 2000 Sections 2.04.01, 2.04.02, Area A math requirements for secondary math and science teacher education majors changed (to become effective with students entering in summer 2001)
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